AMI pursues the mission of building a humane, engaging and sharing working environment that respects individual differences and focuses on fostering the staff’s professional development, so that they can become educators with an open heart and full of wisdom; thereby helping to create a solid inner foundation for children, opening and nurturing a love of learning and a passion for discovering the world right from the preschool level. 



"Education comes from the heart and reaches the destination with wisdom"

Inheriting the philosophy of the Multi-Intelligence education theory, we believe that children's potential is limitless and each child should to grow up with their personal advantages. Teachers and parents are the wise, reliable and patient companions with unconditional love for the children

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Use skills and techniques to turn what the children need into what they want. Through various experiences of discovery and creativity, the children have an environment that enables them to develop multi-skills and multiple intelligences and reveal their inclination for learning and personal outstanding abilities. At the same time, it nurtures the children's love and passion for lifelong learning. 



Monitor and evaluate children's learning and development, compare their achievements with their previous ones, thereby recognizing their outstanding efforts and strengths and supporting their comprehensive development. The personalized learning method also supports the children’s mental and emotional well-being in their learning process, helping them achieve their goals effectively.

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Real Heroes don't wear capes, they teach

Real Heroes don't wear capes, they teach
To become a preschool teacher is like "fate", but to be dedicated to this profession, everything must stem from "love." Preschool teachers are not only those standing the podium with a chalk ...

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